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Formative to Summative Paths: CCSS Items and Protypes (redirected from Math Specialists Get Ready Now: Common Core Assessments Are Coming)

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PARCC and SBAC Sample Items and Task Prototypes (Grades 3-6)



     Basic Characteristics

     Basic Characteristics













Major Claims:
  • Solve problems: content and practice
  •  Reasoning mathematically
  •  Model real-world problems
  •  Have fluency with mathematics
Item examples include: 
  •  Type I Tasks (machine-scorable) - assess concepts, skills and procedures 
    (include a balance of conceptual understanding, fluency and application; involve any or all MPs)
  • Type II Tasks (hand-scored using rubrics) - assess expressing mathematical reasoning
    (call for written arguments / justifications, critique of reasoning,
    or precision in math statements [MP 3, 6 and others])

  • Type III Tasks (??) - assess modeling/applications (call for modeling/application in a real-world context or scenario
    (MP 4) and can also involve other MPs)


  • Claim #1: Concepts & Procedures

  • Claim #2: Problem Solving  

  • Claim #3: Communicating Reasoning 

  • Claim #2: Modeling & Data Analysis 


Item examples include:

  • Technology enhanced

  • Performance tasks 

  • Connections across grades 

  • Difficulty progressions 

Grade Level


     PARCC Item and Task Prototypes


     SBAC Mathematics Sample Items








  • Claim #1: Concepts & Procedures

  • Claim #3: Communicating Reasoning

    • The contest (3.OA.2, 4.OA.3, 4.OA.4; technology enhanced)








  • Claim #2: Problem Solving 

  • Claim #3: Communicating Reasoning

    • The contest (3.OA.2, 4.OA.3, 4.OA.4; technology enhanced) 
  • Performance Task: Planting Tulips (Claims #1-3; 4.OA, 4.NF, 4.MD) 





















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